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Our business model is designed to service our client with Real Estate Investment solutions across borders.

With our leverage system built on technology and the expertise of our partners, we presently provide legitimate and profitable real estate investment schemes in Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates, Dubai to our client around the world seamlessly. 


Many individuals have wished to become home owners and real estate investors but had all their hopes dashed due to fraudulent activities of selling fake properties with no proper title and documentation.

The real estate sector have also produced tons of millionaires and billionaires who now earn passively through rental or capital gain.

The little difference that separates the two sets of individuals described above lies in getting the right real estate consultant.

Real estate investment is a rock solid investment vehicle capable of adding value to your asset if done rightly.

How can you invest in Real Estate rightly?

By getting a true Real Estate Consultant with the right investment portfolio that will give you peace of mind. 

Wellset Properties is a real estate consulting firm based in Abuja, Nigeria with the sole intent of providing legitimate and well documented properties (houses and lands) located in strategic locations in Cities of Nigeria and the UAE.

All our properties are free from government acquisitions and any other encumbrances.

Basically, before you acquire any of our properties, you will inspect the property and check for the authenticity of the property after which you can invest with peace of mind.

One fact we know is, our client always come back to key in to other of our real estate investment scheme and they always refer their family and friends too.

Why not key in today to begin or continue your real estate investment journey?


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